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          My son just completed skateboarding camp at Wakefield Skate Park. This is his 2nd time and, once again, we have been very pleased. Your staff is very mature, professional and very good with the kids. My son felt encouraged, supported and safe. He learned a lot and improved tremendously within just one week. His counselor, did a great job with him.  You have done a fantastic job training these young men for our little ones to look up to and learn from. Thanks again............      Irene Sayegh


       My son attended the skateboard camp run by American Inline.  I am writing to let you know how very impressed I was with the professional and courteous staff who ran the camp. Every morning I was greeted with a “Good Morning, Ma’am” And all of my questions were answered with a “yes or no Ma’am”  All of the young men I interacted with were polite, engaging and knowledgeable. Your staff deserves to be commended for the quality of work. Well done American Inline Skating!......Carrie Lescher


         Good Morning Mr. Keim,   I spoke with you Wednesday about where to buy a skateboard for my son and we in fact did go out that night and purchase one at Vans in Fair Oaks Mall.  Thank you very much for the information and guidance.  I wanted to take a few minutes to tell you how wonderful the skateboard program has been for my son this week at the Freedom Center.  When he started on Monday he did not know how to ride a skateboard at all, by Wednesday afternoon, he was showing us how to ride and do “tricks” he has learned.  I can’t wait to see what he has to show us by Friday.  He was so incredibly proud of himself and this class has been such an amazing confidence builder.

           The young men and women that you have trained for these classes have been absolutely fabulous working with the children helping them learn basics, intermediate and advance skills.  I was able to stay and watch my son and the other kids practice on Tuesday and your staff was so professional and encouraging to the kids; always telling them how great they were doing and giving “high-fives”.  Your staff is truly helping these kids not only in the skills they are learning on the skateboards, rollerblades and bikes but also being great mentors to these kids.  Thank you and your staff so much for putting together such a great program and I feel lucky we were able to be part of it this summer.  We look forward to catching American Inline again next summer..........Melanie Crouch  


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