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     Our specialty is sports on wheels. We make kids smarter, safer bike riders and skaters. 

           Join American Inline, where boys and girls increase their skills and confidence on wheels, for life.

     Experience the tradition of Summer Camp on Wheels.  Are you ready?  Then Let's Go Ride!  

Learn to Ride a Bike camp exceeded expectations!

The staff are so friendly and helpful.  Both my kids learn to ride by the second day and enjoyed going to camp day after day to learn new skills and improve. As busy working parents, we haven't been able to find time to take them out to learn to ride a bike and we are thrilled that they were able to learn this skill this summer in a fun way.  I will be recommending this camp to all of our friends.....Soma K.

What We Do

American Inline is a leader in providing intelligent, creative summer camps.   We provide an array of sports programs on exclusively on wheels.  We have a summer camp on wheels for every child, ages three to thirteen.   

Our partners are recreation agencies and private schools in the Washington DC area.  American Inline is the only option for the agencies and schools to partner with, configure and provide a summer camp on wheels to their community.  

Nine out of ten of the top recreation agencies in Virginia and Maryland outsource summer camps to American Inline.  Seven out of ten of the top private schools in the Washington DC area also outsource to American Inline. 

Our combination of risk management and staff training, reinforced by our curriculum, experience and intelligence create fun, safety and security at summer camp.  Our unique assets include mobile, portable equipment with all the necessary tools for a safe, exciting summer camp on wheels.  

The American Inline network includes over fifty trained, certified instructors, twenty four agency/school partners and over 45,000 satisfied parents. Learn fast, be safe and have fun at American Inline Summer Camp on Wheels!  Below are just a few members of American Inline's family of clients.  





Trusted by government agencies, public schools, private schools and thousands of parents, for over 20 years! 

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