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Our Mission

To transform kids into safer, smarter athletes on wheels. 

Our Business

American Inline provides summer camp programs to recreation agencies and schools in the Washington DC area. Our sports include bike riding, mountain biking, nature biking, and skateboarding. Our programs are week long camps, both full day and half day. American Inline provides our unique, mobile bike and skate park, instructors, and management. Fun and action guaranteed! American Inline was built on a foundation of safety, satisfied customers as well as a prominently trained, satisfied staff.

Our Story

Living in Minneapolis, Greg's first true love was inline skating. He skated the trails around Lake Calhoun and Lake of The Isles almost everyday. Upon moving to Washington DC in 1989, Greg explored the then unfamiliar bike trails in the area. From skating the steep hills and sharp turns on the bike trails in Old Town, Alexandria, Washington DC and Mount Vernon, his excitement for the sport grew even more. It was the most fun he had in years. As inline skating exploded in popularity, Greg entered races and competed against the fastest skaters in America. He was ranked 3rd in Washington DC and 17th in the nation, according to In-Line Skater magazine. Soon, Greg recognized an enormous need for in-line skating classes and summer camps.

In 1993, Greg chose American Inline Skating as the name for his business. He recruited, hired, and trained instructors who shared his passion. American Inline expanded into roller hockey, skateboarding, bike riding, mountain biking and bicycle motocross. Today, American Inline combines action sports on wheels with summer camps for kids, ages three to thirteen years old. American Inline is the sole provider of Summer Camp On Wheels in the Washington DC area.  

"It's my job to make sure that all of our programs are safe, fun and affordable. For twenty years I have done just that. I recruit, hire and train our staff as if my own kids would be under their supervision.  I meet, interview and screen every camp employee, personally.  Thousands of parents have placed their confidence in me and our organization.  And that's why you can too."   

-Greg Keim, founder and President, American Inline.  Fairfax, VA.  

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Greg Keim.  Founder and President
American Inline 

Our History

   Our company was founded in 1993.  It began with Greg Keim in Fairfax, Virginia.  Greg established an in-line skating school with a high standard of service and reliability.  He was always on time, provided innovative training and a comfortable learning environment.

   Greg didn't just teach skating;  he educated his students and improved the quality of their lives with fitness and training.  American Inline grew mainly through word of mouth as satisfied students shared their success stories with others.  

   Soon large recreation agencies in Virginia, Maryland and Delaware contacted Greg to conduct classes and summer camps. Public and private schools also wanted his services for enrichment programs after school.

   Today, American Inline provides an array of exciting action sports programs exclusively on wheels to a family of 26 clients in 10 counties. With a summer camp staff of over sixty talented and trained employees, American Inline really does know how to teach kids and teens. 


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