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Why We’re Here:

Believe that you can and you're halfway there. American Inline continually assembles a remarkable team whose mission is to develop and inspire the personal best in children, young adults and one other. Together, we operate Summer Camp on Wheels. Summer Camp on Wheels is excusive to bike riding, powered by the knowledge that all campers come to us with unique gifts and high potential. From pre-school to high school, Summer Camp on Wheels unlocks the potential by engaging participants with age appropriate content. 

What We Do:

American Inline is a leading provider of summer camps in the Washington DC area. Our camps are week long day camps, exclusively on wheels for children 5 to 15Summer Camp on Wheels is the parent brand for the following camps – Learn to Ride a Bike, Bike Riding Camp and Nature Biking Camp. Summer Camp on Wheels is operated in conjunction with recreation agencies and private schools. Together, Summer Camp on Wheels hosted more than 1,200 campers in 2018. 

Purpose of the Counselor Apprentice Internship Program:

The Counselor Apprentice Program at American Inline is designed to offer qualified young people an opportunity to prepare for positions as camp counselors.  The program is for those who are fourteen and fifteen years old (and thirteen year old's if you have attended at least three American Inline Camps previously as a participant). Those who complete two (2) summers as an apprentice, that is; three weeks per summer, are eligible to be hired when they turn sixteen years old.  During the program, emphasis is placed upon developing leadership skills, sensitivity to children, and program skills. To become an apprentice, students must complete 4 hours of training on Saturday, June 8, 2019 from 1 pm to 4:30pm. Keep your calendar clear that afternoon. The training is required and cannot be made up. The address for the CIT training will be announced in March. 


  • Be 14 or 15 years of age. 13 if you've attended American Inline Summer Camps previously.
  • Make a three week minimum summer commitment from 8am to 4pm.
  • Be available for camp staff training on Saturday, June 9 from 1pm to 4:30pm. 
  • Become a steward of our cultures and values.
  • Meet personal appearance and uniform specifications.
  • Have transportation to and from camp.
  • Deadline to Apply is May 15, 2019.

Program Format:

There is no fee for a Counselor Apprentice.   It is a volunteer program.  Counselor Apprentice's do not get paid.  In addition to the training on June 8, a commitment of three weeks is required for two summers. Those three weeks do not have to be in a row. We do like them do to be full, complete weeks. Usually Monday –Friday from 8am to 4pm. You will be placed at summer camp locations based on your preference and availability.  You can specify your preferences and availablity on forms that will be sent to those accepted into the Counselor Apprentice program. 

The Counselor Apprentice program includes assisting the camp director, setting up the camp area, assisting the camp counselors and instructors in setting up drills, demonstrating skills, helping keep the camp site organized and tidy, breakdown of the campsite at the end of day. The apprentice program is a volunteer, non-paying position.

Check your E-mail if you apply. If accepted in the program, you will notified by E-mail. For your convenience, your final apprentice schedule will be confirmed and sent to you by May 15, 2019. However, your parents should go ahead and make family summer vacations plans because the weeks you are an apprentice are somewhat flexible and can be changed if conflicts arise.

Feel Free to E-mail us with any questions.  

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